Candle Flame too Small: What to do about it

There are a lot of homes that have candles. Some are used for décor purposes, others, are used to mask unpleasant odors, or simply to have a nice smelling home. Sometimes when we burn our candles though, they either have a weak small flame or a very strong, intense, and large flame. Today, we are going to figure out why our candles have a small and weak flame. When we get this answer, we will then look at the ways to make sure this doesn’t happen again.

Too High of a flame

First, let’s look at why your candle would burn too high. When a flame is too high, it also means that its too hot. These flames are bad because it looks bad as its burning, it may be burning through the candle faster than it should be, and the most important reason that a high flame is bad is a fire hazard. If the flame is out of control, it will be flashing or smoking heavily. This means the candle must be put out asap. There could be a possibility that the candle has something wrong with it and what it is made of.

candle flame too big

Too Small of a flame

There are many reasons that a candle maybe have a small and weak flame. If your flame is small and steady, it shows that the flame has less energy fueling it. Another reason that your candles are burning with weak and small flames maybe because the wick needs to be trimmed. It could also be the fact that you may have gotten a cheaper kind of candle. The cheap candles do cause more soot, smoke, and sometimes a weak and small flame. The small flames can be caused by burning at an unpredictable pace. The wick draws oil from the candle wax, and this means that the flame will either not burn or burn very weakly.

candle flame too small

How to fix a small flame

When we figure out why our candle is only burning a small bit, then we can fix them. How can we fix them? In order for the candles in your home to burn properly, there are a few things to fix.

  • When the candle is burning too weak or the flame is to small it may be the quality of the candle, therefore, find a higher quality candle.
  • The wrong wick may be used in the candle, which can cause a weak flame as well. In these situations, you want the candle wax to reach all the way to the edge if you are using glass containers or jars.
  • Trimming the wick and you should not have any difficulty with the correct flame size and your candles will burn brighter and more evenly.

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