My Candle Makes a Popping Noise!

Candles produce crackling or popping sound when they burn because of two reasons. The first and most common reason is the lack of care after relighting the candle or a mistake in the production.

The following are reasons why your candle makes a popping sound;

  1. Long Wicks

One way to take care of your candles is by regularly checking and trimming the wick. A very tall wick will not only make your candle produce that popping noise when you burn it, but will also make it burn with smoke.

long candlewick

You can trim you wick using a small pair of scissors.  Always try as much as possible to limit the height of your wick to a quarter of an inch above the wax.

  1. Moisture around the Wick

Some people have this tendency to curing their candles inside freezers or in wet and moist places. If your candle produces a popping sound and you are one of these people, now you know why. The popping sound is often as a result of the moisture or dampness around the wick when the candle is lit.

cause of a popping candle
Moisture around the wick

You should always try to store your candles in cool dry places of your house. Also. for whatever reason you might be curing that candle in a freezer, try to avoid it. Freezers also give the candle that dampness and may cause them to burn inappropriately. It’s better to cure candles at room temperature or in the fridge.

  1. Impurities

Sometimes the popping sound may not be your fault at all. It might be because of faults during the manufacturing process.

Impurities might sneak into the wax during manufacturing. This might come from the fragrance oil poured into melted wax. The additives that are used to give the candles its color might also have failed to dissolve completely into the wax causing the candle to burn with a crackling sound.

Try to mix your ingredients better during the production of the candle.

Bottom line

  • Trim the wick
  • Avoid moisture
  • Mix your ingredients thoroughly before pouring your candle.

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