How To Connect Your Cricut To A Computer

The Cricut machine is one of the most used machines for cutting. It is specialized to cut figures, letters and different shapes out of vinyl. Additionally, you can make stencils with a machine which you can use to make other things.

For instance, making stickers, gift coffee mugs decorated with the stencil as and others. However, instead of using it for other cuttings, the machine can also be connected to a computer and be operated from there. By connecting it to a computer, you will have the opportunity of designing your creations using design software, before they are cut. Thus, I am going to take you through the steps of how you can connect your Cricut machine to a computer.

First of all, you will need the following to connect your machine to the computer:

  • A Cricut cutting machine
  • Cricut design studio software
  • Computer
  • USB cable

How Do You Connect A Cricut Machine To A Computer?

  1. Ensure that your Cricut machine is off, when using the USB cable, hook up your machine. At this point, you are supposed to ensure that both ends of the USB cable are plugged into the computer and the Cricut. This is done by:
    1. Plugging in the small end of the USB cable on the Cricut cutting machine.
    2. Plug in the other more substantial end of the cable to the USB port on the computer.
  2. Turn your Cricut on, and the computer will automatically detect the machine. The computer will install all the drivers that will be required. But, you can follow on-screen guidelines to upgrade the drivers for your computer.
  3. Install the design studio software once your Cricut machine is detected by the computer. After loading the design space software, you can decide on whether to start designing what you think your Cricut will cut. On the design studio software, click on the option for “cut.” This will activate the Cricut cutting machine to enable it to cut your designs very quickly and easily.

These are the skills you should know for you tofully connect your Cricut to the computer entirely. But, there are some key things you should be aware of when you want to connect your machine to a computer.

  • You should not disconnect or power off your machine or computer when a driver or an update is in progress.
  • You should allow the computer to update and install all the necessary software before you proceed with any activity.

Finally, having connected your Cricut machine to the computer, you can perform any crafting techniques. For instance, you can link your Cricut with the design space using your computer. Thus, due to modern technology, it will be advantageous to you if you can be able to connect Cricut to a computer. This is because there are several modern designs that different professionals have always shared with others online. Thus, I hope that this article will be helpful to you after going through it and the whole process.

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