How To Change Cricut Blade

Are you a fan of crafting? A Cricut machine is designed to aid in such activities. The machine will allow you to cut different forms of shapes from plastics, sheets of papers and other materials that you want to cut. However, these shapes cannot be obtained if the machine does not have a blade. Thus, it requires a blade for cutting. Intensive use of the machine will make the blade stop cutting as recommended or the blade will get dull. As a result of this, there will be a need for replacing such blades.

First of all, before replacing your Cricut blade, you will need to know the blade to use and how to fix it on the machine. Once you have known how to carry put the procedure, you will have your machine operate as required again. Therefore, below are the steps you can follow while changing your Cricut blade:

Steps For Changing A Cricut Blade

  1. First of all, you need to locate the cutting point of your machine. This is the assembly point at which the cutting blade of the machine is placed. You need to locate this point because it always moves at the front of the Cricut machine and it is typically a box. Besides, it is where the housing of the blade is stuck on one side.
  2. You should remove the housing of your blade from the Cricut machine. Loosen the blade housing and then release it from the cutting assembly. This should be by pulling the tab towards you on one end. Thus, releases the clamp that is used to hold the housing of the blade. This will allow you to lift the blade housing from the cutting assembly.
  3. Push the pin on the housing top using a gentle force, then pull out the blade from its bottom. This is done to release the old blade from the machine. Nevertheless, you can hold the old blade at this point until when you will be in a position to install the new blade. This is by covering it in a protective cover.
  4. Then the protective cover of the new blade should be removed. First of all, you need to note that the blade is very sharp. Thus, you should handle it with care after removing the cover. The blade is removed from the protective cover by gently holding it on its cutting end.
  5. Then place the new blade to be used into the housing. You should do this by sliding the new blade in its housing from the end that is not sharp. The blade will then hold in place with a magnet once it has been inserted. However, to know that the new blade is in place, it should be sticking out slightly.
  6. And finally, replace the housing of the new blade in your Cricut machine. Take back the housing of the blade in its normal position in the cutting assembly. This should be done by clamping into place the blade housing.

Finally, it is important to replace the Cricut blade once it has been used repeatedly and it has stop cutting. If you follow the steps mentioned above of changing a blade, then you will not have a problem of shapes cut as not required. Thus, for you to maintain high standard shapes, then you need to adhere to the above steps.

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