How To Clean Cricut Mat

Cricut machine is made up of several parts, and the sticky Cricut mat is one of its essential components. These mats are designed to last for up to approximately forty uses. But, due to extensive applications, it can lose its stickiness, and indeed, cleaning it can extend its lifespan. To rejuvenate the lifespan of your Cricut mat, you can do some extensive and light cleaning. This is recommended to be done, especially when the mat has become dirty and is not sticky. Thus, below are the ways you can apply while cleaning your mat to make sure that it regains its stickiness:

Light cleaning your Cricut Mat

You should do this when your mat has lost some of its coherence. This will ensure that your mat maintains its stickiness as long as it is done. It can be accomplished through the following ways;

Firstly, you should apply the use of a sticky lint roller. Run it across your Cricut mat to remove all debris and dirt that are on the mat. It is advisable to do it on a daily basis if it happened that some dirt starts accumulating the mat. It is a recommended method of performing a light clean to your mat. This is because it is always stickier than the Cricut mats. Thus, this makes it remove all dirt and debris that stick on the mat.

Secondly, you can use baby wipes to clean your mat lightly: indeed, disposing of the damaged mat can be costly. Thus, light cleaning your mat using a baby wipe will solve this problem. Why? This is because you can remove all debris on the mat without damaging it. This is because baby wipes are designed in a way that they wet mat surfaces.

Thirdly, you can apply the use of soap and warm water. First of all, you should not forget that water to be used is supposed to be warm and not hot. This is because hot water will warp the mat making it not to fit in the Cricut machine. Besides, this method is applicable if your mat is used without being cleaned and is not sticky. This will need a light scrub, and this done by applying a little amount of soap with warm water on the mat surface. After applying, you can then scrub lightly by using a brush. Brush to be sued should be soft and dish soap is the one that is always recommended. After gentle scrubbing, you should rinse with warm water and let the mat dry completely.

Extensive or deep cleaning you Cricut Mat

Finally, you can clean your Cricut mat, but still, its functionality cannot be restored. In such cases, you can perform extensive or deeper cleaning to ensure that you clean your mat. This can be through the use of adhesive remover. This method is useful because it entails the use of strong solvents. These solvents dissolve the sticky glue on the mat, thus removing the entire gunk on it. Such solutions include goo gone.

However, the method can at times strip off your Cricut mat of its adhesive during cleaning. Thus, in such circumstances, you will have to restick your mat by applying adhesive on it.

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